Why Are ‘Peace-Activists’ at U South Florida Rallying for a Convicted Terrorist-Murderer?

On January 20, 2016, a Canary Mission tweet featured an image of students from the University of South Florida (USF). It seems innocent but a closer look reveals something very disturbing – they are standing in solidarity with a convicted murderer.

The image was of the group, The Committee to Stop FBI Repression – Tampa, at a fundraiser they threw for Rasmea OdehOdeh is a PFLP terrorist convicted for the bombing of a Jerusalem supermarket that killed two students in 1969.

The Committee to Stop FBI Oppression ignored our tweet. However, we were surprised when – one day later – Students for Justice in Palestine at USF attacked us.

SJP USF responded to the tweet with the following message, “Love how Canary Mission…tries to depict USF students as sympathizers of terrorism with a “Drop BOOKS Not bombs” canvas in the background.”


It seems that SJP believes that as long as there is a sign with the words “DROP BOOKS NOT BOMBS,” they can support terrorism.

SJP members brand themselves as advocates of peaceful justice of the “Drop Books Not Bombs” variety. But once you start digging even a little bit, you discover that their true “justice” has really nothing to do with peace.

SJP routinely accuses pro-Israel supporters of encroaching on their safe spaces on campus, whilst simultaneously aggressively intimidating and harassing those same students.

With breathtaking mental gymnastics, SJP will sing about peace and seconds later follow with an infamous chant calling for the destruction of the Jewish homeland – “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” They then usually continue with other chants to destroy Israel in graphic detail.

They stand behind a quote of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr while calling for Intifada. Or they compare themselves to Gandhi while running Israeli Apartheid Week – a dangerous event that often violates the safety of students on campus. The list goes on and more instances surface every day of their incredible calls for “peace” and “justice” whilst supporting violence.

Peace will always be elusive while groups like SJP foment aggression and hatred by supporting terrorists such as Odeh and her group the PFLP.

So, to the students in that photo, if you really are peace activists, we have one message for you:

Tell the genocidal organizations like PFLP to “Drop Books Not Bombs.” Relay that idea to the cold-blooded murderer Odeh who, in 1969, set off her own bomb killing two university students just like you.

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