The Most Dangerous Professor in America?

He has been called “The Most Dangerous Professor in America.” Nablus-born Hatem Bazian has made it his life mission, since emigrating to the United States in the late 1980’s, to spread his unique brand of anti-Semitism and stir up a violent uprising in America.

Beginning in San Francisco State University (SFSU) in the 1980’s, Bazian immediately took a prominent role in the anti-Israel community, assuming the role of president of the General Union of Palestinian Student (GUPS).

In this position he demonstrated his proclivity for aggression and intolerance, waging a “campaign” against Hillel and blocking the appointment of a Jewish student to SFSU’s Student Judicial Council “on grounds that the individual supported the state of Israel and was therefore, by definition, a racist.

A sign of things to come, Bazian founded his seminal organization – Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) in 2001, with the goal of garnering support for his cause through appealing to an audience of students seeking social justice causes. The group enthusiastically went to work practicing what he was preaching – causing civil disruptions and calling for intifada [violent uprising] in both America and Israel.

Now as an untenured professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at University of California, Berkeley, Bazian still seeks to dominate the campus discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through his brainchild, SJP. Their unceasing agenda being to systematically delegitimize any pro-Israel narrative and replace it with Bazian’s.  

Bazian, like no other professor, has an enthralling influence over students on North American campuses. This is in part due to his control over his organizations – SJP and the organization he later founded to assist the group, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), which provides material support, funding and training for SJP and its activists.

Bazian is keenly aware of the numbers advantage that the anti-Israel community has over Jewish students on North American campuses. His words “We are many, they are few! We are many, they are few!” should send a chill down the spine of anyone who hears it.

Bazian is a chameleon.

In the academic world, he is slick and intellectual. In his writings he has a sophisticated anti-Zionist narrative that delegitimizes the Jewish people’s history, identity and connection to Israel.  

At panels and presentations, he borrows the ideas of the far right, pushing conspiracy theories of Jewish domination of America.

At rallies he switches to mesmerizing rhetorical tools, calling for violent uprisings in both America and Israel.

Our personal profile and video on Bazian help elucidate just how diabolical this man’s actions and intentions are and the type of damage he is doing to the next generation.

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