SJP Activists Laugh at The Holocaust and Openly Support Hitler


This Saturday January 27, 2018 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

As #WeRemember becomes a worldwide focus, anti-Semitism watchdog Canary Mission has released a damning new report on campus anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and its activists.

A Safe Space for Holocaust Abuse

SJP chapters across North America are notorious for harboring anti-Semites.

The new report exposes 29 individuals affiliated with SJP who mock the Holocaust, show support for Hitler and wish death on Jews.

Some of the many horrific quotes from students include:

“Jews, you need to stop complaining about the holocaust. Think about all of the money you saved by only needing one-way train tickets.” – Abdallah Ismail

“everytime I read about Hitler, I fall in love all over again.” – Rawan Qaddoura

“hitler should have took you all.” – Nadera Masad

Chapter Holocaust Scandals

Multiple SJP chapters have been complicit in their own abuses of the Holocaust.

The report highlights instances of SJP chapters disrupting Holocaust memorial days, comparing Jews to Nazis on social media and hosting radical speakers who make light of the national Jewish tragedy.

Radical Founder Repeatedly Abuses the Holocaust

SJP founder, UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, has himself repeatedly abused the memory of the Holocaust in order to promote his radical anti-Israel agenda. Read the report for the extensive details.

This Holocaust Remembrance Day, as #weremember, the hatred that caused a national tragedy is still alive in SJP chapters across North American campuses. Let’s speak out against SJP bigotry and help make sure that we #neveragain have to witness such an atrocity.

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