BDSing the BDSers

Over the last 24 hours a firestorm has erupted around our relatively new project. From the moment Forward Magazine and Haaretz published an attack piece, news of Canary Mission spread like wildfire.

However, the BDS movement, SJP et al have cried foul.  They are in shock that Canary Mission is exposing their words, tweets, posts and activities!  They believe it is anti-democratic to allow this information to run free.  One of the radicals profiled, Rebecca Pierce complained to the UK’s Guardian – Canary Mission is using “McCarthyist tactics” and employing “open racism” and “This is clearly a website driven by deep hatred and prejudice”

According to Wikipedia, McCarthyism is “the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.” It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.”

Canary Mission has simply aggregated data that is already in the public domain and made it more easily accessible. We all have a right to know, we all have a right to warn others and we have a duty to protect the next generation from their hatred.

Ironically, the BDS movement, whose entire raison d’etre is to boycott companies and individuals who support Israel, are complaining that our call to “boycott” these radical individuals is undemocratic!  The same people who make “unfair allegations,” spread lies, anti-Semitic stereotypes and even use physical intimidation are accusing Canary Mission of McCarthyism! It’s laughable!  

Another criticism levelled at Canary Mission is that we are outing radicals but not owning up to who we are and who supports us. However, from ISIS, to Hamas to domestic American radicals, there is a true physical danger. See the comments on our Twitter feed and Youtube video and get an idea of why we are not particularly forthcoming for now. 

There is no question that Canary Mission is edgy; perhaps it even makes us feel a little awkward, but when the storm passes we will reflect and be glad that a new organization has entered the fray.  An organization that provides vital knowledge about who are the radicals and what they are doing.


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So you can call out anyone who disagrees with the behavior of Israel’s leaders (please add me to that list btw) and share their pictures, videos, social media links etc, but you are too scared to show your own faces?

You really should know that despising the behavior of a government, is not the same as hating a race or religion.

Canary Mission: PLEASE come to the UK and help us here! The Jewish community is under attack from individuals and organisations that lie in the media every single day and on campus.

@Donna Ricketts. I don’t see you criticizing the ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah folks for covering up their faces, huh?

So lame for the Israel haters to call this "McCarthyism" and defamation.

What’s the first thing they do when a band schedules a stop in Tel Aviv? They label him a baby-killer and plaster his image everywhere with terrible captions. What a bunch of hypocrites.

LOL I just added my self to your wonderful list of people. 🙂 Please do add me. But remember, I do not hate Israel, I am against their continued policies of aggression against their neighbors and the subjugation of the Palestinian people. Additionally, the BDS movement is no different than our nations continued boycott of Russian goods due to their actions in Ukraine. Perhaps you need to understand what a boycott and divestment really means for those that violate international law.

These phoney’s just hate Jews.
I have had numerous debates & discussions over the years with these liars: It starts out as being ‘outraged’ with the Israeli government.
It almost ALWAYS end up with scriptures from the New Testament saying that Orthodox, Zionists, right-wing Jews are ‘killers of Christ’, ‘Synagogue of satan’ and so forth.

At last you guys woke up and decided to pull the finger out,and point that finger at these people……..Their shadowy world needs to be exposed
These people enjoyed and basked in the limelight for far too long.Being liars and hypocrites these people don’t like to be exposed…Don’t stop till they drop.

Canary Mission….Very catchy,a touch of genious………

I was so happy to learn about this website. it’s funny how people are trying to call you racists and McCarthyites; all you’re doing is aggregating freely available information!

maybe if people don’t want to be known as Jew-haters they might consider not posting their vile hatred online for all the world to see.

    I assure many of those individuals are not "jew-haters"
    You do not know them or who they are or if they are jewish or muslim. So why categorize them all? Are you a muslim hater would you like to posted on a website for people to harrass you, I doubt it. So why do that to others? Because you think you know better, honestly you don’t, I don’t . BUT I wont represent slander and illegal activity such as this website.

      You assure? With all due respect – who are you? I have a great deal of experience in this matter, and I assure you that they either are or they are tools of Jew-haters. Notice I don’t put that term inside quotation marks, because it is a very real phenomenon. For years these people have gotten off scott-free, but the simple shining of the light of day makes you and them panic. Interesting, n’est ce pas?

        I know them unlike you, I take the time to know people for who they are regardless of what they represent.
        Are you a tool, because you sound like one…you have no evidence, a lot of those facebook post could have been taken out of context and are clearly just copied and pasted however this website pleases.

        All I have a great deal of experience to but I don’t categorize and threaten others by putting them on a website to expose them.

        Scott-free…sure and all Jew-lovers are clean as whistle they commit no crime they’re innocent and clearly don’t punish others for being a part of an organization they relate to.

      No worries Jane Smtih. Soon there will be a website called "" with full names, address phone numbers of everyone on this site.

This is exactly the right approach. By the numbers, Israel has multiple times the support of its enemies, just not the theatrics and the media.

‘Boycotters’ have to be boycotted. If they want to pretend their antics are just, then they should have no problem finding jobs with their buddies and sponsors funders.

‘Divestors’ have to be banned from investing in any Israeli companies for all time. Let them invest in ‘Palistan’.

‘Sanctioners’ have to face severance of economic relations with Israel including technology licenses.

    I hope the people you expose on this site find themselves anonymously funded to the tunes of millions of dollars by those sympathetic to the cause of a people that are dying daily so that you can maintain your territory!

I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t buy it, I’m afraid. What you’re doing is icky at best, made creepy and pernicious by your refusal to identify yourselves and the source of your funding.

I’m an Israeli Zionist who has consistently voted to end the occupation and the siege of Gaza which I believe corrupts Israelis by making us into successive generations of gaolers, just as Yishayahu Leiboiwtz predicted.

I would probably not be willing to support what you are doing anyway, but your decision to do it anonymously is both cowardly and hypocritical. I don’t believe what you are doing contributes to the safety of Israel or make any positive contribution to clal yisrael. It’s just bitter and kinda vicious. Given that, as you see, all of this information is already in the public domain, it seems that your only reason for aggregating it here is to do others damage. These are the tactic of our enemies. You are cheap propagandists with no plan for peace and justice for Israelis and Palestinians. How are you different from the people you are trying to humiliate with this site?

    I like that you are an ‘Israeli Zionist’. What is the definition of Zionism? You fail.

    OK, you ended the occupation of Gaza; how is that working out? Will the situation improve by lifting the siege and allowing long-range missiles into Gaza?

    Why do you think the people will be humiliated, if they are doing the right thing? Maybe they will be considered heroes. You should be thanking the hosts of this website for publicizing these courageous heroes.

    You are a fool.

    THE ONLY weapon against Boycotts is ANOTHER Boycott.
    You can’t win your enemy’s hearts by being a loser.

    Or as your Muslim cousins have been doing. (Rape and Murder)

    You win your enemy’s heart by crushing them.

You must be doing something right if you have all these Naysayers running around like headless chooks….Don’t identify yourselves,keep them guessing.

So I am wondering, if someone speaks out about Israel’s apartheid are they the enemy on your list?? If so, add me to your list but don’t categorize me as a Jew hater, my family is Jewish and we still oppose Israel’s occupation in Gaza, speaking out agianst it regularly. You folks are cowards if you believe in what you are doing show your face instead of hiding behind anonymity.

    My family is also Jewish and we think you and your Jewish family are Jew haters. FYI there is no Israeli occupation in Gaza, but there should be one. Gaza is part of the full extent of historic Israel, just like the West Bank, the East bank (Jordan) and Southern Lebanon.

      So anyone at all who is not firmly entrenched and aligned with Israel’s interests is a bonafide ‘Jew-hater’ in your mind? Don’t you ever get tired of playing the victim, Ben? It comes off as really pathetic after awhile. "You don’t agree with me entirely 100%?? YOU HATE ME AND MY PEOPLE!!! WAAAAAH"

      Grow up dude.

        Just another lame argument from cowards.

        Are you a non-Jew criticizing Jews for doing wrong things? You are an anti-semite
        Are you a Jew criticising Israel for doing wrong things? You are a Jew hater or self hater.

        In the eyes of a coward, you cannot criticise them for anything for any reason. Any reason you criticize a coward for any reason, you are immediately guilty of being a hater.

        The funny thing is it doesn’t work that way for other races. If a non-African criticisize an African person for doing something wrong they are not a racist. If an African criticizes another African, they are not immediately a self hater.

        The cowards know this ofcourse. That’s why they conflate being Jewish with being Israeli and conflate being an israeli with the policies of the country of Israel. When in reality Israel is composed of many different races and religions. It’s a democracy, at least that’s what they tell the rest of the world. Yet, whenever they are criticised, they immediately brand anyone that criticises their policies or however many women and children they kill in conflicts as an anti-semite. Everyone in the west is afraid to criticise them because Israelis hold so much power in the US and Europe. Someone that criticises the actions of Israel is likely to not be employed or rounded up and charged with a crime. Simply for saying that when Israel killes innocent civilians disproportionately during wartime that it’s a crime.

        No one is ever criticizing the people of the country of Israel. They are just us. They are just people in their country. All of them don’t approve of the actions of their country, the same way that all of the people in every country don’t approve of the actions of their country. They are helpless to change things the same way I am helpless to stop my country invading other countries and killing and torturing innocents.

        When people criticise Israel they are criticising the actions and policies of Israel. That’s all. Here’s the thing. Policies and actions can change. Japan changed. Russia changed. China changed. India changed. Europe changed. So can Israel. Just because Israel stops killing Palestinians doesn’t mean they will be "pushed into the sea." That’s BS talk. Sorry I don’t normally swear, but it is. BS. FUD. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. That’s all it is. It’s some stupid invention that those in power in Israel tell the people in Israel and the rest of the world to justify their nasty actions.

        You know who else used that tactic? Hitler. In fact, the same way that Israel is acting is the same route Hitler took. Here were his aims stated in Mein Kamph:

        Destroy the Treaty of Versailles.
        Create a Greater Germany (a country of all the German people).
        Lebensraum (living space) to conquer land for Germany in Eastern Europe.

        1. Destroy the Treaty of Versailles. – Israel has violated over 60 UN Resolutions, refused to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty and frequently flouts international law including the ICC. I bet they will totally withdraw from the UN at this point. Hitler left the league of nations in 1933. Tyraniccal Nations always leave international organisations because they realize their actions are wrong by the standards of the rest of the world.

          2. Create a Greater Germany (a country of all the German people). – Again the same thing Israel is doing. in 1936 German troops re-occupied the Rhineland. Something that was against international law and Germany did it anyway. Who is doing that in this day and age? Israel. Setting up illegal settlements in the West Bank, taking over more land in East Jerusalem. It’s outrageous. Furthermore the Jewish people are being treated as special in this situation. The ethnically pure etc. The SAME thing Germany was doing. Now Israel is trying to ethnically cleanse their country by taking every opportunity to deport Palestinians and bulldozing their homes.

          3. Lebensraum (living space) to conquer land for Germany in Eastern Europe. – What’s next? War with Iran? In 1939 Germany invaded Poland and kicked off the second World War. Will Israel invade Iran and kick off the third world war? Arab countries are already closer in policy and sentiment to Russia and China. The other big elephants in the room. If push comes to shove and Israel asks us to attack Iran to defend Israel who do you think Russia and China are going to side with? Us?

        These people that run this site are cowards and agitators. They are ugly as well. This website only shows the world how ugly they really are.

          Hello Android Advocate,

          Barak offered Palestinians everything they wanted in 2000 including Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem and $30 million. Why did Palestinians refuse?

          There were no settlements or ‘occupation’ of disputed lands before 1967. Why did Palestinian terrorists kill innocent Israelis before 1967? Why did they wage war on Israel in 1967 when there was no occupation or settlements?

          Palestinians turned down a chance for statehood many times. Do you know why Palestinians refused?
          1920, San Remo conference decisions, rejected
          1922, League of Nations decisions, rejected
          1937, Peel Commission proposal, rejected
          1947, UN General Assembly proposal, rejected
          1948, Israel’s stretched out hand for peace, rejected
          1967, Israel’s stretched out hand for peace, rejected
          1978, Begin/Saadat peace proposal, rejected
          1995, Rabin’s Contour-for-Peace proposal, rejected
          2000, Barak/Clinton peace offer, rejected
          2005, Sharon’s peace gesture, rejected
          2008, Olmert/Bush peace offer, rejected
          2009 to present, Netanjahu’s offer of peace talks, rejected
          2014, Kerry’s peace framework, rejected

          Israel left Gaza in 2006…and also displaced over 8000 Israeli settlers (those are not the actions of colonialism). Palestinians then destroyed millions of dollars of greenhouses left for them, elected a terrorist oganization and bombarded Israel with rockets for two years. Are these the actions of a people looking to live in peace?

    Arabs in Israel (20%) of the population, are allowed to vote, run for and hold office, and use the same colleges, hospitals and public transportation as Jewish Israelis. Apartheid my butt.

This website is disgusting, you have no idea how much of a slander this is and how you might be ruining someones life. You have no facts on whether some of these individuals have committed "hateful actions," all you have have are misinterpreted posts that can potentially ruin someones life. I hope employers see this and think its pathetic, all these individuals should be given the right to represent themselves, not for someone behind a screen to do it for them.

    This web site is fantastic,you don’t seem to have a problem with these BDSers targeting and ruining solely Israeli Arab and Palestinians lives.Hypocrisy is evil and so is racial prejudice which is just as evil.

    Why so upset? Why is it slander, and how will it ruin their lives? They are not children and they have chosen their actions and are obviously proud of them. If you agree then they can put it on their resumes and get great jobs. Perhaps you and they secretly know that what they are doing is wrong.

      I know these individuals personally I know they are no "radicals" I know they stand up for their own actions they are adults and they are proud of what they have accomplished. What they are doing is standing up for someones rights that have been taken away. If they are a part of an organization that doesn’t make them radicals…every SJP organizations has unique bylaws they are not all the same. While it is public information…you and this website is putting them endanger of radicals who visit this website that might be out to harm them and by the way not all terrorist are affiliated with the middle east. All i’m saying is that an organization does not define a person they define themselves and you are given them an unfair advantage. Yes, you can say its public and yes they might be in the school newspaper or social media advocates…but taking someones post and making it seem like they are taking about hating israel is putting their words out of context.

        These people are slandering and damaging Jews, Israel, Zionism and settlers. They need to take responsibility for that. Nobody is saying they are bad people, just describing who they are and what the do. If they are good people and doing the right thing, they ought to proudly point to their inclusion here.

        I personally think that Jews, Israel, Zionism and settlers are great and superior entities and values, and to that I would add exclusive Jewish national sovereignty of the fullest extent of Greater Israel and zero sovereignty of any non-Jewish entity or agency, especially Arabs in Gaza, west bank, southern Lebanon and Trans-Jordan. All of these are the ancient historic original aboriginal indigenous sacred eternal and exclusive homeland of the Jewish nation and nobody else.

        Now, I assume that puts me on some bad people’s sh!t list, but I am a good person, my position is correct and just, and I am proud of it. And I think your buddies are bad people or at least irresponsible, they are guilty of bigotry and injustice and racism against my people, and so are you if you are supportive of them.

Why all this fuss,when Hamas Hizballah the PLO the Iranians ISIS see and read this list,they will gladly employ every single one of those BDSers on that list.

Wow. This will only intensify the opposition the rest of the world feels towards you. Remember most of the world is brown and black. The same color as palestinians. We will unite against you. We will refuse to use your products, we will refuse to do business with your country, we will refuse to entertain your entertainment. In truth you control 25% of the wealth of the US despite being 2% of the population. Regardless the people will resist. God is not mocked! You cannot continue to operate with dishonest scales with impugnity.

I am not sure why there is such outcry about this. I have seen the cynicism and aggression of the BDS movement and they will use whatever tactics, fair or unfair, to support their cause.
Moreover, this website doesnt appear to be hacking into people’s private files or information, which would of course be illegal. This is all public info from Facebook, Linkedin and online, of people who very openly supporting a movement, which although open to debate of course, I personally think is fascist, manipulative and destabilizing.
While I am all for peace in the Middle East, my own personal view is that these extremist BDS supporters are frauds and racists. They shed crocodile tears for the Palestinians but couldnt give the slightest dam about the tragedy of hundreds of thousands of people being slaughtered by Islamic extremism in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria etc.
It is actually pathetic and embarrassing and any organization that is willing to expose that, is in my humble opinion doing the right thing.

Is there a list of governments, organizations and business which BDS? I would like to have the list so that I can boycott them. If a student union at a college is supporting BDS, then prospective students should be able to find out. If a city or county is supporting BDS, then we could avoid shopping or moving there. Same for charities. For instance Oxfam opposes settlements so I don’t don’t to them.

Hasbara at its worst. How much money are you getting from the likes of Adelson and the Israeli government? By the way, equating opposition to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and continuing illegal settlement is in no way anti-Semitism. Sorry you guys. You are on the wrong side of history.

    Speaking of history, why do Palestinians refuse statehood every time it’s offered?

    Barak offered Palestinians everything they wanted in 2000 including Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem and $30 million. Why did Palestinians refuse?

    Why did Palestinians turn down these offers for statehood?
    1920, San Remo conference decisions, rejected
    1922, League of Nations decisions, rejected
    1937, Peel Commission proposal, rejected
    1947, UN General Assembly proposal, rejected
    1948, Israel’s stretched out hand for peace, rejected
    1967, Israel’s stretched out hand for peace, rejected
    1978, Begin/Saadat peace proposal, rejected
    1995, Rabin’s Contour-for-Peace proposal, rejected
    2000, Barak/Clinton peace offer, rejected
    2005, Sharon’s peace gesture, rejected
    2008, Olmert/Bush peace offer, rejected
    2009 to present, Netanjahu’s offer of peace talks, rejected
    2014, Kerry’s peace framework, rejected

    Israel left Gaza in 2006 to give Palestinians autonomy, at a great price to Israel and the thousands of settlers who were displaced. Palestinians destroyed millions of dollars of greenhouse equipment left to help them grow and sell food, voted in a terrorist government and barraged Israel with rockets for 2 years.

    There was no occupation or settlements before 1967 but there were still terror attacks against Jews and 2 genocidal wars waged against Israel to ‘push her into the sea’. The Hamas, PLO and PA charters all call for the genocide of Jews. Nazi/blood libel propaganda is saturated in Palestinian culture…in schools, media and religious sermons.

    Are these the actions of a people who want peace?

The anti-Israel bigots have had a free ride for a long time. They are not used to being exposed for the vermin that they are. There have been Jewish renegades and Jewish anti-Semites from biblical times. Read about Korah and his dirty gang who tried to get rid of Moses. Read about Stalin’s Jewish communists who were part of his mass murder machine. These same Jewish communists also volunteered when Stalin wanted to eradicate Judaism in Russia. They spied inside the Jewish community and reported to the secret police any Jews teach Judaism to Jewish children. Theodore Herzl also writes about these slimy ‘court Jews’ who were obstacles to the idea of moving Jews to safety in a reborn Jewish state. They are the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg traitors who help give Stalin the nuclear bomb. Some of the very best people are Jews but some of the very worst are also of Jewish ancestry.

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