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Welcome to Canary Mission

The pro-Palestinian lobby is way ahead of the pro-Israel movement. Way ahead. Years if not decades ahead. Does this mean that we should just save our time and money and devote our energies to something more worthwhile, something that will bare more obvious fruit? After all, what is a pro-Israel post that gets five thousand views on YouTube, when compared to one speech by Imam Malik Ali to almost the same number of people at a single Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) rally in California?

I am not writing this from a fatalistic point of view, rather from a curious one. Is it not curious that pro-Israel activists like David Horowitz and Lee Kaplan keep at it at all? Do they not see what others see? That there is a raging fire of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment growing in America and their splashes of pro-Israel rhetoric is only singing the ground at best?

It is curious that this viewpoint turns the whole slant of the pro-Palestinian lobby on its head. Their obvious and consistent angle is “the victim.” By playing the victim they occupy the coveted position of “underdog.” This is the strongest position one can be in terms of rallying support from people who are not in-the-know, because there is a hard-wired tendency in the human being to root for the underdog by default. Thus the world does not need much information to get started with an anti-Israel gripe – just see the cries and screams of the victim, and immediately the tendency is to start rooting for them.

The curious thing is, that now, the pro-Israel voice occupies the place of the underdog in the public-opinion realm. The Saudi-funded, Muslim Brotherhood-orchestrated millions-strong anti-Israel lobby is technically the strong one, and the tiny pro-Israel voice, the struggling underdog. So why do we not see reams of people turning their heads, changing their sides and rushing to the pro-Israel lobby to defend the unlikely choice?

The reason is, for the pro-Israel movement, being a victor has been branded as synonymous with being an abuser. Thus the work of the pro-Israel lobby is a subtle one. The subtle truth is that the pro-Israel movement is the underdog, but their position in the media is being framed as the abuser. This is the clever work of the anti-Israel lobby, and the reason the pro-Israel movement is so behind.  In order for the pro-Israel movement to make ground, it will take a reframe of the foundations, of the assumptions people make about the entire dynamic of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

In this world of fast answers, quick clicks and instant rewards, people want to be able to go ahead and not have to think too much. And the fast, blunt and hyper-emotional screams of the pro-Palestinian lobby are just that.

So why are we doing this? Because maybe one person will look again and realize the subtlety. The spirit of the true underdog is alive and well in the pro-Israel movement. Welcome to Canary Mission.

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