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REVEALED – The Secret Meetings Behind the Tufts Passover Scandal

On April 9, 2017, on the eve of the Jewish Passover holiday, several Tufts Community Union (TCU) student senators submitted a surprise BDS resolution that demonized Israel and called on the university to divest from four companies that do business with Israel. The resolution was authored by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

SJP was rightly blamed for their role in scheduling this surprise BDS vote on the eve of Passover. They ensured that Jews would not be present to defend themselves against an anti-Semitic attack on the right of Jews to self-determination.

To hide their shame, they also ensured the vote was held as a secret ballot.

The pre-Passover vote was yet another in a series of scandals for SJP. SJP and its leader Hatem Bazian have been exposed so often for its bigotry and racism that it is no longer seen as a serious player by University administrations and even former members.

The story was both covered in the media and by Canary Mission. We have since duly investigated and have now released a number of profiles on culprits in SJP (see links below)

However, on closer examination, the entire episode was only made possible by the fringe extremist organization Jewish Voice for Peace (a name that is false advertising on many levels).

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) planned the entire vote.

JVP leader, Hannah Freedman revealed that the resolution authors chose not schedule the vote for the previous week’s senate meeting because “many of us were away at a conference last weekend when we had had [sic.] the resolution ready — and so we decided to put it this weekend.” Freedman omitted that the “conference” was the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) National Member Meeting (NMM).

By scheduling the vote on the eve of Passover, when most Jews would not be around to vote, JVP deliberately undermined the Jewish community at Tufts – in favor of giving themselves more time to strategize against Israel.

It gets worse…

At least Seven (7) SJP Tufts leaders took part in the JVP conference – during which they made a presentation and collaborated with senior JVP officials. This included Parker Breza who admitted that Tufts SJP did not consult with any other student group other than JVP during the resolution drafting process.  

In summary, JVP prioritized a huddle with known anti-Semites over the democratic rights of Jews on campus.

Jewish Voice for Peace is neither a mainstream Jewish voice, nor is it interested in Peace.

For more details read the complete Canary Mission Report on Tufts University (December 2017).

EXCLUSIVE: SJP Founder, Hatem Bazian Caught in Another Anti-Semitism Scandal

On July 31, 2017, SJP founder and UC Berkeley Professor, Dr Hatem Bazian re-tweeted a meme from an infamous Twitter bigot and anti-Semite, Ron Hughes – an account that Bazian also Follows.

The meme was a classic anti-Semitic attack on Jews and Judaism.


The tweet accused a “Zionist” Twitter user of supporting “apartheid, occupation, ethnic cleansing, genocide” and theft of “Palestinian land+resources+body-organs.”

The meme itself showed an image of a purportedly Jewish man with the words “MOM LOOK! I IS CHOSEN! I CAN NOW KILL, RAPE, SMUGGLE ORGANS & AND STEAL THE LAND OF PALESTINIANS *YAY* ASHKE-NAZI”

The meme included another image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wearing a yarmulke (skull-cap) along with the words “101 JUDAISM WE TEACH IT”, “GOD CHOSE ME” and “I JUST CONVERTED ALL OF NORTH KOREA TO JUDAISM….DONALD TLUMP: NOW MY NUKES ARE LEGAL & I CAN ANNEX SOUTH KOREA & YOU NEED TO START PAYING ME $34 BILLION A YEAR IN WELFARE”  

With even the briefest of looks at the Hughes account, one can see many many more examples of similarly bigoted memes and attacks:

On August 29, 2017, Canary Mission first brought to Bazian’s attention that he had retweeted a repulsive anti-Semitic meme. Since then, Canary Mission brought it to his attention a four more times.

For three months he ignored the issue. After our latest attempt, Bazian issued a confusing and rambling apology, (Nov 21, 2017)

At first Bazian seems to genuinely apologize stating “I do sincerely apologize for re-sending it… [it] does not represent my views.”

Bazian goes on to proclaim that he retweeted “without giving it much thought,” arguing he was distracted because he was abroad in Spain and France. Of course this is already a tenuous excuse (especially since he follows Mr Hughes).


If someone was possibly considering giving Bazian the benefit of the doubt, they would be hard pressed to explain away the rest of his ‘apology’. He proclaims “my issue is with Zionism, a settler colonial movement…not with Judaism or Jews, as diverse communities”  This is a repetition of Bazian’s well documented view that Jews have no right to self-determination, and can only exist as “diverse communities” in the diaspora.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 3.15.35 PM

In his ‘apology’ for his anti-Semitism, Bazian is spreading his own definition of Judaism –  bereft of its religious and historical connection to Israel.

Given that almost half of world Jewry live in the State of Israel, his suggestion that Jews should merely live “as diverse communities” is itself a deeply anti-Semitic attack.

We draw your attention to the following videos which detail further examples of Bazian’s anti-Semitism and bigotry:

The Most Dangerous Professor in America?:

Hatem Bazian in His Own Words:

The Most Dangerous Professor in America?

He has been called “The Most Dangerous Professor in America.” Nablus-born Hatem Bazian has made it his life mission, since emigrating to the United States in the late 1980’s, to spread his unique brand of anti-Semitism and stir up a violent uprising in America.

Beginning in San Francisco State University (SFSU) in the 1980’s, Bazian immediately took a prominent role in the anti-Israel community, assuming the role of president of the General Union of Palestinian Student (GUPS).

In this position he demonstrated his proclivity for aggression and intolerance, waging a “campaign” against Hillel and blocking the appointment of a Jewish student to SFSU’s Student Judicial Council “on grounds that the individual supported the state of Israel and was therefore, by definition, a racist.

A sign of things to come, Bazian founded his seminal organization – Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) in 2001, with the goal of garnering support for his cause through appealing to an audience of students seeking social justice causes. The group enthusiastically went to work practicing what he was preaching – causing civil disruptions and calling for intifada [violent uprising] in both America and Israel.

Now as an untenured professor in the Department of Ethnic Studies at University of California, Berkeley, Bazian still seeks to dominate the campus discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through his brainchild, SJP. Their unceasing agenda being to systematically delegitimize any pro-Israel narrative and replace it with Bazian’s.  

Bazian, like no other professor, has an enthralling influence over students on North American campuses. This is in part due to his control over his organizations – SJP and the organization he later founded to assist the group, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), which provides material support, funding and training for SJP and its activists.

Bazian is keenly aware of the numbers advantage that the anti-Israel community has over Jewish students on North American campuses. His words “We are many, they are few! We are many, they are few!” should send a chill down the spine of anyone who hears it.

Bazian is a chameleon.

In the academic world, he is slick and intellectual. In his writings he has a sophisticated anti-Zionist narrative that delegitimizes the Jewish people’s history, identity and connection to Israel.  

At panels and presentations, he borrows the ideas of the far right, pushing conspiracy theories of Jewish domination of America.

At rallies he switches to mesmerizing rhetorical tools, calling for violent uprisings in both America and Israel.

Our personal profile and video on Bazian help elucidate just how diabolical this man’s actions and intentions are and the type of damage he is doing to the next generation.

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