Standing Up to Bigots

What an interesting week here at Canary Mission. There are no limits to the lengths enemies of free speech will go to shut down dissent, stifle the truth and obstruct justice. The anti-Semitic zealots who remain obsessed with our mission to expose bigotry on campus have succeeded in shutting down our Facebook page and possibly downing our website for a full 90 minutes. Those who lack truth rely on criminal tactics such as these in order to stifle any voices alerting the world to their dangerous words and ideas.

Anyone who has seen these haters of Jews and Israel at work on social media know there is nothing they won’t say, no profanity they won’t hurl and no threat they won’t make. They will invoke Holocaust imagery, threaten our lives and families and scream epithets in terribly-spelled caps-locked fury. And any time their behavior is reported to Facebook, a reply will be given “User has not violated Facebook standards.” But, as with everything these radicals do, they will not allow the public to see our words, no matter how civil, truthful and factual they are. If the narrative does not match theirs, it must be stopped at all costs.

It is the pinnacle of hypocrisy to name oneself “liberal” and invested in ‘social justice,’ when the essential goal is to shut down any opposing views and become the ‘thought police’ for the entire social media world. One would be right in thinking, therefore, that they are so secretly fearful of the validity of our work in exposing campus radicals, that they have no choice but to remove our site and social media from view of those who might see it and come to the realization that it is they who are the true enemies of social justice.

The analogy becomes almost laughable when you consider the size, the breadth and the violent power of movements like SJP, JVP and BDS.

The anti-Semites thrive on portraying themselves as “the little guy”, the David to our Goliath. The analogy becomes almost laughable when you consider the size, the breadth and the violent power of movements like SJP, JVP and BDS. When you enter a campus with hundreds their activists screaming for Israel’s destruction and a small table of Hillel students being shouted down and called “baby killers,” your analogy is all the more skewed. When you have a social media world where one small, grassroots website is the target of countless attacks, both verbal and viral, while hugely anti-Semitic periodicals like Electronic Intifada and Mondoweiss, who spew Nazi-like anti-Semitic propaganda on a daily basis, carry on unabated – how then can we be considered the Goliath? How is it not patently obvious that the war against Jews and Israel on campus, on social media and isn’t intensely lopsided against us?

We know our mission is too important, too vital to freedom, to be shut down. We know that our mission is too important to be silenced. So the anti-Semites of the world can try to shut us up and shut us down but we will remain brave in the face of hate and anger. And just like so many years ago, David will slay Goliath and we will succeed.


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Just as a point of observation: on the second paragraph you blame pro-Palestine activists for "invoke(ing) Holocaust imagery". Then on the fourth paragraph you blame Mondoweiss and Electronic Intifada for spreading "Nazi-like anti-Semitic propaganda on a daily basis." If you respected your own standards, I think people would have taken you more seriously.

Another thought: I find it weird that you list over 100 people with whom you disagree, call employers to avoid hiring them – and then say that THEY are the bigots. Very weird.

Your list of individuals is a list of outstanding, committed people, dedicated to making the world a better place. So what are you?

In the UK, the Israel-hating academics have conveniently produced their own website, listing all their names and institutions, so proud as they are in their virtue-signalling bigotry.

Makes it much easier to know which universities & courses to avoid!

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