BDS, SJP and the PA: It’s time to get real

Let’s not fool ourselves.

When fighting the radical machine, our two biggest enemies are ignorance and misinformation. It’s the only explanation for a liberal democracy where everyone is respected being targeted as “genocidal racists”, while a people with a government promoting violence and terror are being hailed as sufferers of a “humanitarian crisis.” How else do you explain rockets hitting populations centers constantly over the course of over ten years being ignored, while a defensive war to eliminate the terrorist group Hamas is rewarded with condemnations from the UN and world opinion?

We live in a world where up is down and right is wrong, at least where Israel is concerned. And those who oppose them are wholly unconcerned with facts. They realize that the more they distort, and yell, and intimidate those who disagree with them, the more their message will win. They stage photos, manipulate and edit videos, fudge statistics, chant buzzwords and repeat lies over and over, until the uninformed listener believes it all to be true.

It is so much easier to look at a doctored photo and believe it’s real than it is to do a bit of research and discover that dead baby is a casualty of the Syrian civil war and not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s a lot simpler to call Israel “an apartheid state” that practices “genocide,” rather than admit the fact that neither one holds a shred of truth.

In the interest of making things easier, we came up with a few fallacies being perpetrated by those who would see Israel destroyed, and translated the truth behind their PR campaign.

What do the Palestinian Authority want? A lot of discussion has focused on the worldwide consensus that what is needed is a “two-state solution.” While debates abound about what this would actually entail, the basis framework is “two states for two peoples- Palestinian and Israeli.” While there is significant data that a large majority of Jews are open to this prospect, a reliable 2014 poll shows that 70% of Palestinians would still demand one state if they got a two-State solution. And it goes without saying (but we need to say it) that Jews (and likely practicing Christians) will not be welcome in this new one-state of Palestine. The Palestinians really want and envision is a future state that is completely free of Jews, much like Gaza is currently.

What does the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) movement want? BDS is a very organized movement with a very shadowy end-goal. They are unclear whether companies from all of Israel should be boycotted, or just those from the “occupied territories.” Many are open with the true anti-Semitic motives behind BDS and want Jewish-made products in their entirety boycotted.

Additionally, BDS supporters are selective in what products and innovations fall under the boycotting umbrella. While they are the first to demonize humus brands and skin-care products, they are less quick to give up their cell phones, internet devices, social media applications, vaccinations, and other Israeli and Jewish- pioneered innovations. They too advocate for a one-state solution, making the end goal of all this boycotting quite clear to those who are paying attention, but less so to the students blindly voting for the BDS resolutions on their campuses.

What does Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) want? Their name indicates a desire to gain “justice” for Palestinians, but what does this really mean? Is destroying Israel the only goal, or will they also fight for Palestinian justice from the violence of Hamas? “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free,” is a common refrain heard at SJP rallies and gatherings. Aside from the odious implications of this slogan, how does this address the lack of justice Palestinians suffer at the hands of their own? How do they justify the injustice of Mahmoud Abbas, head of Fatah in the West Bank serving the 11th year of a 4 year term?

What justice are SJP demanding on behalf of women and gay people in Gaza, demographics that suffer greatly at the hands of their friends and neighbors? Where is the justice for children who are taught from birth that the highest honor for one’s family is to kill innocent Jews in terror attacks, and are posed with machine guns at “terrorist training summer camps” which one can easily see in thousands of online pictures? Why is the focus of SJP only ever on the destruction and demonization of Israel above all else?

Why do SJP Chicago and Loyola openly support convicted terrorist-murderer Rasmeah Odeh? Why does a group which prominently features the word “justice” constantly make news for the rampant violence and intimidation they bring to campuses?

We need to open our eyes and ears and stop supporting hate-fomenting ideologies that infiltrate our youth and incense them to violence and hate crimes, specifically on our campuses with certain professors and organizations that encourage such ideologies.

We need to open our eyes and the eyes of our peers to reality. It is comforting and self-congratulatory to “root for the underdog,” but when the underdog is actually a dangerous movement rooted in terror, violence and fear, there is no glory in supporting that side. When the Palestinian leadership announces on their television stations time and again that Israel must cease to exist and a one state solution is the goal, believe them.

When BDS accidentally uses the word “Jew” instead of “Israel” at a boycott rally, listen closely and take note. And when SJP schedules radical Islamic agitators and terrorists as invited guests, realize that their goal is not justice for Palestine, it is annihilation for Israel. Don’t be an uneducated pawn in the game of public opinion. Open your eyes, do your research and become informed. We need more of you out there.



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I am very excited to see this site! I am looking forward to helping you stop this BDS, Anti-Jew cabal from spreading and in fact, rolling it back.

What happened to your Facebook page, it seem to be hacked with these hate groups taking over with their own page

I’m confused. You’re asking "what does Students for Justice in Palestine want? Their name indicates a desire to gain “justice” for Palestinians" — not quite. SJP means students for Justice in PALESTINE – not just for PALESTINIANS, but for all people in PALESTINE. So instead of deciding for SJP what they believe in, perhaps we should let them speak for themselves:
"the future we would like to see in Palestine and Israel, we very much see already in ourselves: a diverse group of all backgrounds, Arab, Jewish, Palestinian, Israeli, and many others, coming together not based on our religious or ethnic identities, but rather in our agreement that we are working for a just cause." ( Why should I, as a Jew, be afraid of that? And why are you trying to make me scared of a group that clearly has nothing against me, as a Jew? Indeed, they’re inviting me to join them in establishing an equal country to all.

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