Are you a Moderate Radical?

Many mistakes have been made on the road to understanding radicalism. We still get caught by surprise.

We have been routinely shocked by an Alabama senior flying to Ethiopia to join Al-Shabaab, the Ottawa student who gets caught in Facebook pictures with ISIS paraphernalia or the Boston man plotting to behead Pamela Geller.

The American public is familiar with these radicals. But they are not the face of North American radicalism.

These stories are a blip on the screen of a much wider and pervasive increase in extremist rhetoric that doesn’t end in beheadings. The individuals that we don’t see moving up the spectrum of radicalism largely didn’t grow up with messages from radical imams in their communities.

Rather, they grew up with human-rights messages, anti-war epithets from baby-boomer parents and have enjoyed hard-earned freedoms to participate in a plethora of human rights movements.

It’s no wonder we miss it. The burgeoning radicalism that is sweeping the continent is simply not so shocking, because it doesn’t result in an overt threat to individual lives. But, it threatens us all.

We are referring to the threat of moderate radicalism: the radicalism of upstanding moderate human beings.

These individuals will not likely end up joining Al-Shabaab or becoming ISIS sleepers, but will move from being human rights activists to racists and bigots.  

The process of this radicalization is simple: racist and bigoted ideas are slipped in at certain events that attract moderate human beings to stand up for a “human rights issue.” And over time and through increased exposure to extreme ideas, they start to seep in.

Anti-Israel events are today’s fertile breeding grounds for such moderate radicalization, where a horrifically racist chant like, “From the River to the Sea Palestine Will be Free” – calling for the total destruction of Israel, can filter through.

Other chants like, “Baby killers” and even, “Back to the ovens” soon filter through behind it and incrementally the moderate individual is transformed into a racist and bigoted radical.

But this is just the beginning. The leaders in this vital field of radicalization – BDS, MSA, SJP and CAIR – with their links to the Muslim Brotherhood, have a company line that begins with Israel, but ends with the West.

By taking the “gateway drug” of anti-Israel radicalization, today’s moderates are furthering global anti-Western radical Islamic ideology.

It is patently evident, yet has been entirely overlooked – that all the increasing antagonism toward Israel is part of a much wider maneuver to seep radical attitudes into America and the West, under the guise of human rights activism.

If you think that this is a crazy conspiracy plot, you can view the Brotherhood’s own document right here!

We need to stop overlooking this and start doing something about it. 

We can do a lot to change the tide stimulated by BDS and their bedfellows by calling them out on their true motives and their radical attitudes.

This way, Israel and the West won’t be the ultimate prize on their mantelpiece.


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