We Get Knocked Down, But We Get Up Again!

The pro-Israel movement has been playing defense for as long as it’s been around. Since its earliest days, supporters of Israel have had to explain why the only democratic state in the region is legitimate, clarify all of its actions, and justify its very existence.

The UN condemns them and the EU condemns them. The Arab world wants them destroyed while so-called intelligentsia in academia and the media hold them to a standard above any other country in the world. With every war and intifada, every terror attack and every condemnation, advocates of Israel have been fighting a defensive battle for the name and reputation of the sole democracy in the Middle East.

Today, Israel finds itself in the proverbial hot seat yet again. Under the guise of “human rights” and with buzzwords aplenty (“apartheid! racist! human rights abuser!”), the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and its myriad of affiliates hope to create a future world that is minus one Israel. With direct links to terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and with support from radical left groups like Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), CAIR and CodePink, it should be quite obvious that the intentions of this anti-Israel movement are not harmonious at all, and that the goal has nothing to do with peaceful coexistence. One needs only look at their invited speakers, often radical agitators, to see that the true intentions of this movement are duplicitous.

What has been the reaction of the pro-Israel community? Again, we have played defense. We have defended against the BDS resolutions that come up for votes in university student senates. We have defended Israel and her freedom with small counter-rallies at anti-Israel protests. We have defended Israel when our fraternity houses are spray painted with swastikas or our Birthright tables are upended.

Yet, is this the best approach? Shouldn’t we take our approach from defense to offense? Shouldn’t we be advocating and explaining our positions, clearly and calmly? Shouldn’t we be learning how to be strong supporters of Israel and of a democratic way of life? Shouldn’t we become the new BDS movement, but one whose letters stand for Buy, Defend and Support Israel at every opportunity? Of course we should! But how can we do this practically? It’s one thing to say we want to advocate and quite another to actually do it.

One way is to educate ourselves. We need to become aware of both the accusations against our cause, as well as the way to refute these claims with facts ad rationale. While this won’t convince those whose life’s mission it is to destroy Israel, we will influence open-minded but uninformed people around us. Another way is to hold our universities accountable for the climate they create. This includes inquiring about their politically-active faculty and anti-Israel groups currently on campus. It also includes ensuring that our alumni dollars aren’t funding anti-Israel programming, speakers or professors. We can put together a database for each campus, highlighting radical events, lectures and programming which make supporters of Israel feel uncomfortable.

By taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive one, we can take this horrible movement and its dangerous assault on Israel and Western Democratic Values and make it our moment of triumph. This is the time when we take our defense of Israel and turn it on its head – when we make the pro-Israel offensive the one with traction, the one that students in North America and around the world can admire and get involved in proudly. That time is now- join in!



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I hope that Canary Mission will assert that ALL the land belongs to Israel according to international law and cite the Palestine Mandate of the League of Nations as proof. The ebook "The Jewish People’s Right to the Land of Israel" by Salomon Benzimra is on Amazon. The expression "two state solution" falsely implies that Israel is the "occupier" of Palestinian land. Unfortunately most of our so-called Jewish leaders have blindly bought into this big lie.

    Bert, you are right. Going on offense means knowing exactly what Israel is and why we are there.

    This information is generally not taught except in a religious context. I am fine with the religious context but that also means that most other people throw out the Jewish/Israeli connection prior to 1948 or 1920 or 1882, and that includes most Israelis themselves. The tenuous and spotty Arab connection to ‘Palestine’ appears more substantial than it is, if the Biblical and ancient historic record is disregarded.

    We are never told that the Jewish/Israelite nation is the oldest surviving and living nation on the planet, and resided in a Jewish society in out land for two thousand years before the Arabs illegally and violently took it over to occupy it and colonize it and force us off our lands and out of our villages and submit to forced servitude. That Arab rule was brief and nobody in the succession of invaders including the Arabs ever made Israel/Palestine a homeland or independent political entity, and that the land remained ruined and desolate and near-deserted until the Jews began to rebuild it as soon as that became politically feasible. That the land of Israel is the one described by the San Remo Conference and later the Palestine Mandate, which includes Gaza and th Golan and today’s ‘southern Lebanon’ and of course the ‘west bank’ and furthermore Trans-Jordan. And that will never change in spite of any foreigners temporarily occupying them or renaming them. Just as the foreign name Palestine went away, and the reason our enemies are trying to keep it alive.

    Because of this widespread ignorance, Judeophobes including insecure nominal Jews with Post Exile Stress Disorder, like Stalin’s Yevsectsia and today’s ‘Mondoweiss’ types, easily distort the clear meaning and significance of Jews, Judaism, Zionism, the Land of Israel to gain the cynical approval of enemies. A losing strategy all around.

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