It’s Only Getting Worse

While anti-Semitism is nothing new, in the years since the Holocaust it had fallen totally out of fashion. Gone were the days when you could disparage your Jewish neighbour or work associate. Many Jews mistakenly believed that the scourge of Jew-hatred had simply been eradicated, that we were safe from antipathy forevermore. This is the mindset that makes what is currently happening on North American campuses all the more jarring. While we in North America look at news reports out of Europe, where Jewish persecution is flourishing and growing unabated, we breathe a sigh of relief and whisper, “At least we are safe.” We here at Canary Mission are bearing witness to the fact that anti-Semitism does very much exist in North America, and the front lines of this fight are on college campuses nationwide. Jewish students are being targeted in disproportionate numbers. Swastikas and racist epithets are being spray-painted on Jewish fraternities. Jews are being accosted at Hillel events and while handing our Birthright flyers. Open debate is being stifled, and replaced with what can only honestly be described as hate- fueled rhetoric aimed at the Jewish people.

          Many people are quick to point out that most of the venom is directed toward Israel. They believe that Israel is the obstacle to their peaceful coexistence with their fellow students and professors, and since they themselves aren’t particularly attached to Israel, it doesn’t affect them. Yet it only takes a cursory glance at the news to realize that Israel is being used as the scapegoat for unbridled Jew hatred. It is as if the anti-Semites of North America are aware that anti-Semitic rhetoric is off-limits, so they replace it with anti-Zionism to make it more palatable. 

          This tactic masks the true alarming spread of Jew-hatred on college campuses. Along with the unwitting aid of anti-Zionist Jewish-run organisations, anti-Semites find cover in speaking their darkest feelings about Israel and by extension, the Jewish people. Images given to those who support Israel echo the darkest aspects of classical anti-Semitism- Nazi imagery and swastikas, Jews with humped backs and large noses, assertions that “the Israel lobby” controls the government, media and financial institutions. These are all well-worn anti-Semitic scripts, with “Israel” replacing “Jew” for the new millennium. 

          While the bulk of the campus Jew-hatred is coming from one camp, many other North Americans are able to air their long-held grievances against Jews, now that “enough time has passed” since the Holocaust. Jews and Israel are constantly compared to “the Goliath”, while Palestine is seen as “the underdog,” while Israel remains a tiny Jewish speck in a very unfriendly neighborhood. Students feel buoyed by the support they receive from like-minded activist professors, while pro-Israel or Jewish students feel stifled, in fear of grade retribution. Social media and online blogs and sites have replaced the mainstream media, giving a frightening anonymity to anyone who wishes to demonise Israel and Jews by extension. In this Wild West of the internet, false images are disseminated and retweeted faster than one can type. In a world where the Jewish and pro-Israel communities are dwarfed by the anti-Semitic communities in the Middle East, Europe and even North America, it’s impossible to even try and keep up with the sheer volume of online anti-Israel materials that exist. 

          And if we think that this anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and anti-Western rhetoric will stay confined to the ivy-covered buildings of the university, we are fooling ourselves. One need only look over to the ill-named Arab Spring in the Middle East, or the constant wave of Islamic terror gripping Europe to realise that, uncontested, North America is not immune to the threat. Without a thorough wake-up call, and a true understanding of what we face, we are threatened by the same fate. It is true what they say about history, “We who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it.”

         This is yet another reason why Canary Mission is such a vital tool in the war against the spread of Western hatred. It gives a face and a name to the agitators, professors, students and professionals who spend their time demonising the Jewish people, the one Jewish state in the world, and the values of democracy that the Western World holds most dear.


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How do you protect freedom by denying others freedom of speech? The Jews Holocaust™ scam is wearing thin, meaning you’re not getting as many monthly welfare checks from the GOYIM, so now you start up this Canary site, to threaten, intimidate and brow-beat into submission those who are finally waking up to your Holocaust™ fraud.
‘Bibi the Butcher’ and his homicidal maniacs in Israel must be getting ready to commit some more war crimes in Gaza, so you need to distract the public from the next round of Judeo barbarism.

One look at your disgusting blog is enough to send your comments to the trash.

<i>"While anti-Semitism is nothing new, in the years since the Holocaust it had fallen totally out of fashion."</i>

Not in Europe it hasn’t.

The European Left has always been rabidly antisemitic and anti-American, even to the extent of dumping all its pro feminist and pro LGBT sympathies to support Islamic terrorism. Who cares if Islamists are viciously misogynist, mutilate young girls’ sexual organs, throw gays off roofs and kill all non-Muslims so long as they hate Jews and Americans?

Judging by the two frothing troll posts below mine, I reckon you’ve hit the spot big style, folks!

Am Yisrael Chai!

Notice no logic or truth in the troll posts, just angry outbursts. "Holocaust scam?". Another attempt by Israel haters to re-write history. Sorry Greg, it really really happened, my own uncle was at Bergen Belsen with the allies and saw it for himself. It thoroughly sickened him to see the men, women, babies and small children’s rotting corpses. You support this and deny it, were you there? I guess not.

And make no mistake, Genocide is the agenda of the so-called "Free-Palestine" movements as they support the Hamas Charter that states clearly that Hamas (The Palestinian peoples chosen and elected Government of Gaza) want to do this to Israel again and take the tiny bit of land that Israel has so that they can turn it into yet another oppressive Islamist country under the iron rule of Hamas. Just imagine what a wonderful place that would to go for your vacation..

Yes, it really is absurd to call Israel the Goliath of the Middle East. Just compare the numbers of nuclear weapons in the possession of the various countries. Right?

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